What is garcinia gambogia ?

Garcinia is a Tropical fruit from Indonesia commercially known as (garcinia gambogia) it is also known as ( Malabar tamarind), looks like the pumpkin fruit but colored in green, the Garcinia rinds contain a component called hydr-oxy-citric acid (HCA) , which is the key active ingredient, some studies claimed that the HCA stops some enzyme that turns sugar to fats.

Many researches had happened on the effect of the garcinia gambogia and how it affects weight loss, Scientists say it is a new miracle thataccelerate weight loss.

We have reviewed some of the trendiest research and summarized it in one list; here’s an exhaustive of the effect of Garcinia on losing weight:

  1. It suppresses appetite and makes you eat less than usual.
  2. Makes you crave less for unhealthy food such as sugar.
  3. Decreases cholesterol level.
  4. It stabilizes the blood sugar level in our body.
  5. Increases your energy level.
  6. Increases concentration
  7. Lowers body fat

We have a lot of the diet products which contains Garcinia Cambogia, some of them are cheap, fake products that don’t contain what is written on the label, so how to detect the reliable Garcinia  cambogia from the fake one

  1. First we have to check the extract. For example Garcinia with ratio 6:1 with Extract of 166mg of Garcinia Extract can be written as Garcinia 1000 when the actual HCA amount is 100mg. Here the manufacturer played with the Ratio to mislead –so we have to compare: The HCA in mg. for example Our Garcinia Cambogia is 1600mg Extract (per 2 Capsule doses)
  2. It should contains at least 50 percent of HCA
  3. Also aim for organic pure garcinia cambogia with no filters or artificial ingredients.
  4. Preferably to have minerals in the supplement fact, because the Garicinia is absorbed better in the body when it contains calcium & potassium.

And as general instructions, how can we use the Garicnia cambogia pills the right way;

  • Do not exceed the daily dose of 3000 mg.
  • Take the pills before the meals to optimize the effect 30 – 60 min.
  • You should not take Garcinia it you are nursing mother , Pregnant or if you have  medical conditions or have diabetes as it may lower body glucose so you have to check it with your doctor .

At the end we all have to put a good diet plan and  exercise more which will promote our health and help us having the shape we all dreamed about.

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