What is prostate cancer?

It is a type of cancer that affects men only at the prostate gland. Prostate is a gland that is located below the bladder in the male reproductive system, which is responsible for making most of the semen, which carries the sperm. Studies showed that there is no clear or sure way to prevent prostate cancer, but there are a lot of studies for reducing the risk of having this type of cancer. In addition to that, studies also indicated that men in older age who died of other diseases also had prostate cancer, but it never affected them in their lives. Furthermore, keep reading to see what you should know about prostate cancer and how to lower the risk of having it.
First and foremost, when cells of the prostate gland start growing abnormally, so that’s when the prostate cancer initiates. Here are some  the prostate cancer causes, which are eating lifestyle, age, family history, medications, obesity, and sexually transmitted diseases.There are a lot of ways to detect prostate cancer. Early stages of this type of cancer has no symptoms, so at this point men fnd out if they have a routine blood test or check up. In addition to that here are some of the common symptoms when they do occur: men urinates regularly most commonly at night, urination could be painful with maybe blood with it, while some of the less common are sometimes ejaculation maybe hurting and maintain or achieving maybe diffcult. If the cancer level is advanced, so the symptoms will be bone pain frequently in the vertebrae (spine), ribs, or pelvis, the femur part, the bone that is located within the human thigh, might be painful, and men may feel leg weakness. There are two symptoms that may occur when the cancer started to spread to the spine and beaten the spinal cord, which are uncontrollably urination and fecal incontinence. Thus, every man should be aware of the causes and the symptoms of prostate cancer.

Although the causes and the symptoms of prostrate cancer are so tough and rigid, but there are a lot of ways to reduce the risk of this disease. In the meantime, if you want to reduce the risk of having prostate cancer you
• Choose a low fat diet and keep a healthy weight.
• Fat from plants are much healthier than from animals and As much as you can lower the amount of dairy products you take in the day.
• Eat vegetables and fruits as much as you can, especially tomatoes and other red foods that contain lycopene.
• Eat lots and lots of fsh, which contains omega-3, such as tuna, salmon, and herring. You can add flaxseed in your healthy lifestyle because it is also rich in omega-3 and selenium.
• Three to fve cups of coffee everyday can drop your chance of destructive or high-grade of prostate cancer or drink fve to seven cups of green tea.
• Quit smoking and frequently exercise; for instance, walking, bicycling, running, and swimming.
• Other things that reduce the risk are vitamin E, soybeans, chickpeas,lentils, Brazilian nuts, and peanuts.

Ultimately, prostate cancer is a most common disease among men; you should take decent precautions as much as you can, in order to live a healthy and happy life. Ask us for our collection of omega-3, vitamin E, flaxseed, and lycopene collection.

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