Apparently if you laugh for 24 hours straight, you’ll get a six pack. New life goal? I think yes It will be so much easy if we in order to get a six pack, we laugh 24 hours straight, but the question is are we able to do so? I guess in peaceful circumstances, it’s impossible, so what if we are all stressed out with all our concerns,problems and our daily routine. Can we laugh for just one hour straight? Therefore,is it time to say goodbye to the six pack? Of course not

Everyone has a six pack abdominal wall, but for most of us, it is hidden as it covered up with a layer of fat that lies on top of our muscle. Many people find it hard to get one six pack within a short time; however, it is possible; if we pay attention to our diet, and follow these six tips

Eat enough Protein

Protein has the highest effect on the body as it helps in building lean muscle as well as burning body fat. Try to eat a lot of protein during breakfast like eggs whites and yogurt, so you won’t feel hungry during the day, and this will help you to burn excess fat, and reveal the muscles underneath

Eat Pre- work out Carbs

One of the important tips to get six pack is eating good carbs like sweet potatos and brown rice before workout as they are great source of energy; besides, they are less likely to be turned into body fat if they are eaten before workout

Eat healthy fats

If you eat protein with the correct types and quantities of good carbs and fats, your metabolism will increase; in addition to that, your body will turn into a fat burning machine. Therefore, try to eat healthy fats such as nuts, fish oils and olive oils into your diet

Focus on your diet

In diet it is important to spread out your meals into 4-5 smaller meals a day rather than having 1-2 large meal. To have six packs, it is very important to focus on your diet, and avoid eating foods that have many calories and less nutrients. Also try to drink a lot of water which will make you lose weight, and enhance metabolism which is crucial to get six pack. Try to avoid soda and juices that contain a lot of sugar; besides, do not eat foods that slowdown metabolism such as white bread, past rice, fast and fresh food

Do cardio workouts

In order to lose some of the extra fat that cover up your abs, you need to do cardio workouts which raise the heart rate for a given set of time. That’s why try these workouts 3 to 5 times per week at least one hour per one time like running, jogging and bike riding

Get the right amount of sleep

Doctors suggest that the hormones which control appetite are affected by sleep, so the people who are more likely to sleep 8:30 hours per night are more likely to burn fats more than who sleep 5:30 hours or less per night

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